Level Up! A new site for a new year! ish

May 18, Thu

We just got bored of the old look, so we're making a faster, nicer, smoother website for you guys to enjoy, in time for new... month? Is that a thing?

We love Material Design, and this new website really takes on Material Design in a way we haven't done before. We also wanted to improve the page load times, so we did - the new site is 3 times faster (Look at this: https://youtu.be/tfOsiZ4MfkM )!

We also wanted to complain about the weather, so we did.

Websites we continue to maintain will slowly upgrade when we get to them, and of course we are making backups for if anything goes wrong.

Thankyou, and enjoy the speed!
ICTman, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sorcerertech Team :)

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