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We use this page to tell you when there's an issue, or if we're doing maintenance. Feel free to email me at ict@ten.x10.mx if there's a problem. Thanks!

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Recent Notices

  • We just got bored of the old look, so we're making a faster, nicer, smoother website for you guys to enjoy, in time for new... month? Is that a thing? We love Material Design, and this new website really takes on Material Design in a way we haven't done before. We also wanted to improve the page...
  • We have found a method to avoid replacing MyST Link entirely whilst still enhancing user experience in Sorcerertech's own apps too. You may continue using MyST Link, even when the new service has been implemented. Thank you for using Sorcerertech! - The Sorcerertech Web Devs :)
  • MyST Link is being replaced

    October 14, Fri
    MyST Link is being replaced with a new service, due to the lack of demand MyST link is receiving. It will soon be replaced with a service that requires no linking process (instead, a login prompt is shown on the actual app requesting a MyST login), but is based on the same principles. Due to t...

Recent Incidents

  • TENx10 issue

    Resolved in 15 minutes
    Affected Service: TENx10 June 16, Fri

    We did a bad, but we know what we did a bad with. We're fixing this issue as you read this.

    12:04, Jun 16 UTC

    All done! TENx10 should be back to normal.

    12:20, Jun 16 UTC
  • IRIS error

    Resolved in 5 minutes
    Affected Service: APIs December 05, Mon

    An unexpected HTML error is causing IRIS to simply not work. We are investigating the issue.

    13:26, Dec 05 UTC

    We have identified a potential fix and are implementing it

    13:30, Dec 05 UTC

    The fix worked! We're now just monitoring the situation. Thank you for your patience!

    13:31, Dec 05 UTC
  • No incidents reported